Tweet Profiler

Detect Ekman's, Plutchik's or Profile of Mood States' emotions in tweets.


  • Corpus: A collection of tweets (or other documents).


  • Corpus: A corpus with information on the sentiment of each document.

Tweet Profiler retrieves information on sentiment from the server for each given tweet (or document). The widget sends data to the server, where a model computes emotion probabilities and/or scores. The widget support three classifications of emotion, namely Ekman's, Plutchik's and Profile of Mood States (POMS).

  1. Options:
    • Attribute to use as content.
    • Emotion classification, either Ekman's, Plutchik's or Profile of Mood States. Multi-class will output one most probable emotion per document, while multi-label will output values in columns per each emotion.
    • The widget can output classes of emotion (categorical), probabilities (numeric), or embeddings (an emotional vector of the document).
  2. Commit Automatically automatically outputs the result. Alternatively, press Commit.


We will use for this example. Load the data with Corpus and connect it to Tweet Profiler. We will use Content attribute for the analysis, Ekman's classification of emotion with multi-class option and we will output the result as class. We will observe the results in a Box Plot. In the widget, we have selected to observe the Emotion variable, grouped by Author. This way we can see which emotion prevails by which author.


Colnerič, Niko and Janez Demšar (2018). Emotion Recognition on Twitter: Comparative Study and Training a Unison Model. In IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. Available online.

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