Download orange

Download Orange


Standalone installer (default)


Can be used without administrative priviledges.

Portable Orange

No installation needed. Just extract the archive and open the shortcut in the extracted folder.


Orange for Apple silicon


Orange for Intel


Not sure which installer to select? Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your screen, select About This Mac, and check the Chip or Processor field. If you see Apple, select the Orange for Apple Silicon installer. If you see Intel, select the Orange for Intel.

Other platforms


Create and activate a conda environment for Orange (optional, but recommended)

conda create python=3.10 --yes --name orange3
conda activate orange3

Add conda-forge to the list of channels you can install packages from (and make it default)

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict

and run

conda install orange3


Orange can also be installed from PyPI. You may need additional system packages provided by your distribution.

If your system does not already provide PyQt, install it from PyPI

pip install PyQt5 PyQtWebEngine

Finally, install Orange

pip install orange3

Installing from source

Clone our repository from GitHub or download the source code tarball. Then follow the instructions in

Running Orange

To run Orange Canvas run (activate the corresponding environment first if needed)

python -m Orange.canvas

Download archive

Download older versions from our archive.

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