The Guardian

Fetching data from The Guardian Open Platform.


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  • Corpus: A collection of documents from the Guardian newspaper.

Guardian retrieves articles from the Guardian newspaper via their API. For the widget to work, you need to provide the API key, which you can get at their access platform.

  1. Insert the API key for the widget to work.

  2. Provide the query and set the time frame from which to retrieve the articles.

  3. Define which features to retrieve from the Guardian platform.

  4. Information on the output.

  5. Press Search to start retrieving the articles or Stop to stop the retrieval.


Guardian can be used just like any other data retrieval widget in Orange, namely NY Times, Wikipedia, Twitter or PubMed.

We will retrieve 240 articles mentioning slovenia between september 2017 and september 2018. The text will include article headline and content. Upon pressing Search, the articles will be retrieved.

We can observe the results in the Corpus Viewer widget.

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