As Survival Data

Mark features Time and Event as target variables.


  • Data: reference dataset


  • Data: reference dataset with selected Time and Event marked as target variables

As Survival enables the user to manually select which feature will be treated as the Time and Event target variable in the survival dataset.


The available survival datasets in Orange already have correctly defined Time and Event variable as target. However in some cases there are more than one survival enpoints to choose from: in survival analysis we typically encounter either Overall Survival (OS), Relapse-Free Survival (RFS) or Progression-Free Survival (PFS). In such cases As Survival can come in handy to pick the correct Time/Event pair with ease.

In the example bellow, we use one of the survival datasets already available in Orange, the METABRIC dataset, which offers two clinical endpoints to choose from: OS and RFS. We load the dataset using Datasets and simply connect the widget output to As Survival. We can then select either Overall Survival Time/Overall Survival or Relapse-Free Survival Time/Relapse-Free Survival as our designated target variables. We use Data Table to inspect the data.

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