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Fall Season Brings Fresh Content to the Introduction to Data Science Series

Erika Funa

Oct 17, 2023

What better time than the charming fall season to bring to light a long-awaited new batch of videos to our Introduction to Data Science Series. The crisp air and the gentle rustle of leaves create the perfect backdrop for staying in with a hot drink and diving into a new chapter of data analysis and processing.

In the video series so far, we have covered exploratory data analysis, clustering, dimensionality reduction with PCA, t-SNE, and MDS, as well as introduction to classification with trees, forests, and logistic regression. For a taste, or to revisit the last topic, check out the latest video in the set on logistic regression below:

This time, we’re taking a step further! Curious to know more about the secrets of predictive modelling, mastering the art of fair feature selection, or crafting models that are both simpler and more robust? Then you’re at the right place - the coming new set of videos will cover neural networks, regression modelling, regularization, regression scoring and more, so stay tuned. Psst, we even have some tips on cheating!

The debut video on logistic regression nomogram in our brand-new batch is already available right here, so dive in and see what it's all about:

We'd love to hear your impressions, thoughts, or questions in the comments. The next video in the series will be here in no time too, so stick around!

The development of this free, hands-on video series was supported by grants from the Slovenian Research Agency (including P2-0209, V2-2274, and L2-3170), Slovenian Ministry of Digital Transformation, European Union (including xAIM and ARISA) and Google.org/Tides foundation. Videos do not require any prior knowledge in math, statistics, or computer science.

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