Explainable AI Project Meeting

By: Ajda Pretnar, Nov 26, 2021

Recently, we have attended an xAIM project meeting in Hannover, Germany. xAIM is an EU project whose aim is to develop a Master’s degree tailored to the medical professionals or those wanting to work in the medical field. The focus of the MA is on explainable artificial intelligence, that is on the explanation of machine learning models, ethical aspects of AI, and the translation of models into the medical setting.

In two days we have finalized the syllabus of the MA, which will consist of three modules - artificial intelligence, healthcare management, and ethics. Orange will be heavily used in (at least) two courses, namely the Introduction to Data Science and Text Mining. The first course is the core subject of the MA, while the second course is an elective.

After two days of hard work we had to relax a bit, so we visited the Christmas market in the center of Hannover. It smelled of cinnamon, Glühwein, and, of course, of oranges.