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We have launched a new project on the topic of AI in schools

Zala Gruden

May 12, 2022

We have successfully launched a new project about AI and data science in elementary and high schools.

AI is the technology of the century, yet too few kids and education professionals know about its concepts, ideas and applications. The project, funded by and Tides Foundation, is aimed at bringing AI to teachers and kids by designing hands-on workshops by focusing on conceptual learning and applications.

During the course of the project, between January 31st 2022 and July 31st 2023, we expect to carry out several activities whose long term outcome is expected to improve overall education about AI in Slovenia. By the end of the project, we will have executed ten two-hour workshops, designed for primary and secondary schools to enhance the current curricula with AI and machine learning. We will also train 24 teacher ambassadors and five hundred elementary and high-school kids in the first round of workshops. In the second round of workshops, we will train two hundred teachers in the train-the-trainer workshops and over one thousand kids. This two-year project has further-reaching goals. We will establish working groups and communication channels to continuously support AI and machine learning training for the educators.

All the activities are executed and supported by Orange. There are plenty of hands-on educational elementary and high-school activities available at our project website

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