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By: AJDA, Apr 23, 2018

Installing Add-ons Works Again

Dear Orange users, Some of you might have an issue installing add-ons with the following issue popping up: xmlrpc.client.Fault: <Fault -32601: 'server error; requested method not found'> This is the result of the migration to a new infrastructure at PyPi, which provides the installation of add-ons. Our team has rallied to adjust the add-on installer so it works with the new and improved service. In order to make the add-on installer work (again), please download the latest version of Orange (3.

By: AJDA, Feb 16, 2018

How to enable SQL widget in Orange

A lot of you have been interested in enabling SQL widget in Orange, especially regarding the installation of a psycopg backend that makes the widget actually work. This post will be slightly more technical, but I will try to keep it to a minimum. Scroll to the bottom for installation instructions. Related: SQL for Orange Why won’t Orange recognize psycopg? The main issue for some people was that despite having installed the psycopg module in their console, the SQL widget still didn’t work.

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By: BIOLAB, Jan 29, 2013

Writing Orange Add-ons

We officially supported add-ons in Orange 2.6. You should start by checking the list of available add-ons. We pull those automatically from the PyPi, which is our preferred distribution channel. Try to install an add-on by either: writing “pip install ” in the terminal or from the Orange Canvas GUI. Select “Options / Add-ons…” in the menu. Everything should just work. Writing add-ons is as easy as writing your own Orange Widgets or Orange Scripts.

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By: BIOLAB, Jan 21, 2013

Orange 2.6

A new version of Orange, 2.6, has been uploaded to Python Package Index. Since the version on the Orange website is always up to date (we post daily builds), this may not affect you. Nevertheless, let us explain what we were working on for the last year. The most important improvement to Orange is an implementation of add-on framework that is much more “standard pythonic”. As a consequence, the add-on installation procedure has been simplified for both individual users and system administrators.

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By: BIOLAB, Nov 30, 2012

The easy way to install add-ons

The possibility of extending functionality of Orange through add-ons has been present for a long time. In fact, we never provided the toolbox for crunching bioinformatical data as an integral part of Orange; it has always been an add-on. The exact mechanism of distribution of add-ons has changed significantly in the last year to simplify the process for add-on authors and to make it more standards-compliant. Among other things, this enables system administrators to install add-ons system-wide directly from PyPi using easy_install or pip.

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By: BIOLAB, Jan 23, 2012

Orange 2.5a2 available

Orange 2.5a2 has been uploaded to PyPI. It now includes basic support for multi-label classification (developed during the Google Summer of Code 2011), some new widget icons and documentation for basket format. Release is also tagged on our Bitbucket repository.

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