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By: Martin Špendl, Feb 23, 2023

Single-sample GSEA is now in Orange

Single-sample extension of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis now in Bioinformatics add-on.

Categories: bioinformatics

By: Jaka Kokošar, Jan 27, 2023

Cox regression in Orange

Orange built-in methods for testing and scoring the predictive models now support survival-related models like Cox regression.

By: Janez Demšar, Jan 17, 2023

Meet Trubar, a friend of Orange

A new, general utility for localization of Python software, developed for Orange

Categories: development

By: Noah Novšak, Dec 13, 2022

Orange you going to ask about dask?

What we are doing to improve Orange's data processing abilities, how we can tackle the huge amounts of data already available today, and what role dask plays in all this.

Categories: dask widgets

By: Blaž Zupan, Nov 25, 2022

Videos on hierarchical clustering

Six new videos explaining hierarchical clustering in Orange are now online on YouTube.

Categories: education

By: Marko Toplak, Nov 14, 2022

Orange in a synchrotron

We taught a three-day workshop on Orange for spectral data in UK’s national synchrotron, Diamond Light Source.

Categories: workshop addons

By: Janez Demšar, Oct 10, 2022

Quick previews in Orange widgets

Widgets can now show a quick preview of their output data.

Categories: widgets

By: Ajda Pretnar Žagar, Aug 31, 2022

Socio-economic data at your fingertips

New World Happiness add-on for retrieving socio-economic data from the OECD database joins the Orange family.

By: Ajda Pretnar Žagar, Aug 4, 2022

Timeseries add-on lost a lot of weight

Timeseries' visualizations are becoming fully PyQt, making them easier to maintain. We've also fixed many bugs, which should make working with the timeseries a joy once again.

By: Blaž Zupan, Jun 16, 2022

Ideas and Notes for Teachers

We are crafting free educational material to help in data science training.

Categories: education