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By: Ajda Pretnar, Dec 17, 2021

Visualizations 101

When to use certain visualization and how to read it?

By: Ajda Pretnar, Nov 26, 2021

Explainable AI Project Meeting

Orange will be used in two courses of the new Explainable AI Master's degree.

By: Blaž Zupan, Oct 21, 2021

Characterizing Clusters with a Box Plot

Box Plot widget offers a simple means for explaining clusters.

By: Ajda Pretnar, Sep 17, 2021

Semantic Analysis of Documents

How to use Text add-on to extract keywords from documents, score documents on keywords, and display semantic content in a map.

By: Ajda Pretnar, Sep 15, 2021

New in Orange: Support for CONLL-U files

Orange can now work with CONLL-U files, including its lemmas, POS tags, and named entities.

By: Ajda Pretnar, Aug 13, 2021

Why You Should Use Apply Domain

What does Apply Domain even do? Actually, it is an extremely useful widget for all your data transformation problems!

By: Ajda Pretnar, Aug 5, 2021

Box Plot Alternative: Violin Plot

Box plots with an upgrade - violin plots are your new favorite visualization!

By: Blaž Zupan, Jun 17, 2021

PCA vs. MDS vs. t-SNE

Oh, the joy and variety of data embedding and projection techniques!

By: Ajda Pretnar, May 30, 2021

Data Mining for Archaeologists, part II

How to preprocess and map archaeological data sets.

By: Ajda Pretnar, Apr 23, 2021

Data Mining for Archaeologists, part I

A workshop about different kinds of analyses archaeologists can do in Orange.