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By: AJDA, Oct 17, 2016

10 Tips and Tricks for Using Orange

TIP #1: Follow tutorials and example workflows to get started. It’s difficult to start using new software. Where does one start, especially a total novice in data mining? For this exact reason we’ve prepared Getting Started With Orange - YouTube tutorials for complete beginners. Example workflows on the other hand can be accessed via Help - Examples. TIP #2: Make use of Orange documentation. You can access it in three ways:

By: AJDA, Sep 4, 2015

Updated Widget Documentation

Happy news for all passionate Orange users! We’ve uploaded documentation for our Orange 3 widget selection. Right click and select “Help” or press F1. ** ** It’s easy to use. To learn more about a particular wigdet, click on the widget. Either use right click and select “Help” or press F1. A new window will open with a widget description and an example for its use. There are also screenshots included as visual help.

By: BLAZ, Jan 6, 2013

New scripting tutorial

Orange just got a new, completely rewritten scripting tutorial. The tutorial uses Orange class hierarchy as introduced for version 2.5. The tutorial is supposed to be a gentle introduction in Orange scripting. It includes many examples, from really simple ones to those more complex. To give you a hint about the later, here is the code for learner with feature subset selection from: class SmallLearner(Orange.classification.PyLearner): def __init__(self, base_learner=Orange.classification.bayes.NaiveLearner, name='small', m=5): self.