New Video Tutorials on Text Mining

By: Ajda Pretnar, Sep 28, 2020

In July, we were pleasantly surprised to be awarded a NumFocus Small Development Grant, which is intended to support small tasks in open source projects they sponsor. We decided to extend our text mining tutorials with four new videos, which cover the recent additions to the Text Mining add-on. Our YouTube channel already has a playlist for getting started with Orange and several specialized playlists for learning spectroscopy, single-cell analysis, text mining and image analytics with Orange.

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While Twitter widget is not a new addition to the Text add-on, it has been missing a tutorial all this time. In the video, we describe how to use the widget and how to perform topic modelling on tweets.

The second video describes sentiment analysis on tweets for monitoring topic or brand sentiment.

The third video shows the alternative to computing a bag-of-words matrix. Document embeddings are a popular alternative, which can increase model’s accuracy.

Finally, we show how to compute a network from Twitter mentions. This tutorials also shows how to mix-and-match Orange components from different add-ons.

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